Alchemy – A unique blend of flavoured e-liquids

Alchemy e-liquids were born out of a genuine love of vaping. We have created a truly unique and unusual range of e-liquids based on our own tastes. Our high end e-liquids are all 50/50 PG & VG, produced to the highest standards in the EU. They are batch tested and additionally tested by independent UK laboratories.

The Alchemy range of e-liquids comes in 2 distinct varieties – Signature Elixirs and Tea Liquids each with their own unique characteristics and flavours. Our Tea Liquids are inspired, unsurprisingly, by our love of tea and come in a number of different flavours including Masala Chai, a beautiful blend of spices, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom pods against a backdrop of black Assam tea; and Sunshine Grey, which is based on earl grey tea, sweet golden honey and zesty lemon. Our Signature Elixirs are a daring blend of flavours, which include Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (absinthe flavoured, obviously!) and Enter The Dragon – a dark chocolate, cherry blossom liqueur and a hint of passion fruit blend followed by an eye-watering blast of chilli heat.

Additionally, each of the Alchemy e-liquids is available in a range of different nicotine strengths from 18mg to nicotine free to suit vapers of any level.

We really believe that we’ve created something special with Alchemy. The e-liquid recipes have been created, tested, tested again, argued over, changed, tested again and finally here we are with some stunning flavours that we would be very happy to buy and vape ourselves.


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Council of Vapor was founded by a group of passionate vapers who were seeking the most durable tools, mods and delivery systems to cope with a long product life expectancy and a wide range of uses. The group doesn’t believe that a person makes a mod, we believe that an owners mod becomes a part of them after creation. The mods and delivery systems are designed in the US by the Council of Vapor team, created to be easy to assemble, compatible, new aged line of devices that fit a vapers’ true desires.


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