TRUVAPE e-liquid




TruVape cooperates closely with Hangsen, the world’s largest e-liquid manufacturer, to provide our customers the best quality liquid for their electronic cigarettes.

E-liquid tastes substantially better if made from natural ingredients. Hangsen is the only manufacturer capable of extracting effective ingredients from tobacco leaves using the molecular distillation method. TruVape E-liquid offers the taste sensation of natural tobacco, but as it does not contain tar and other toxic ingredients, it is a much healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes.

At TruVape, we have carefully selected dozens of bestselling flavours in Europe to be included in our range – flavours which we know our customers will love. Our flavouring, an important composition in the liquid, is from France, and the flavours available range from classic and menthol to more exotic tastes such as cherry, coffee and even chocolate.



. Propylene Glycol from America.

. Flavouring from France.

. Safest PP bottle.

. CHIP compliant packaging.

Buying e liquid online from TruVape is the best way to get a great deal on liquid for your e cigarettes, and our competitive prices mean that purchasing your favourite flavour can be much more affordable. Browse our great selection of flavours now to see for yourself what we can offer, and place an order today to purchase our high quality liquid at a highly competitive price. If you want to continue enjoying smoking but are looking for a healthier, more affordable alternative to conventional cigarettes, we recommend that you consider investing in one of our e-cigarette starter kits to transform the way you smoke.




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