How do you replace a coil head?

Unlike disposable clearomisers, the TRUVAPE tank has the advantage of a replaceable coil to ensure the best value for money.  To ensure the longest life for your coil head you should always ensure e-liquid covers the base of the coil and that you tighten the coil after each refill.

 We recommend you replace the coil head when:

* You have used the coil for 4-5 weeks.

* When you want to try other flavours without the previous liquid tainting the new flavor.

* When you find you are not getting a sufficient volume of vapour but the battery is charged.

To replace your coil head, simply follow the below instructions:

1. Turn your HYBRID tank upside down and carefully unscrew the tank base.

2. Unscrew the coil head from the bottom base.

3. Take a new coil head from the HYBRID Coil Head pack, and remove the plastic bag the coil head comes in.

 4. Then firmly screw it into the bottom base.

5. Once your coil has been firmly tightened into place it will be ready to use.

When replacing a coil head do not take away any items of the coil head as the insulation ring, sealing ring, cotton string and silicon gasket are parts of our coil head. Removing or damaging any of them will cause leaking. See the details of a coil head below:


TRUVAPE is always here to help. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.


Phone: 0845 257 0668




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