HYBRID Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – TRUVAPE

HYBRID is the most popular of our manual power electronic cigarettes. Its huge battery capacity combined with the easy-to-fill clearomizer system makes vaping an even easier experience. Our HYBRID electronic cigarette starter kit is the perfect way to make the switch from smoking to vaping and our e cigarette kits are both durable and affordable.

A fully charged battery and a fully refilled 1.5ml clearomizer could last for 15-20 hours of heavy vaping. That is equivalent to 3 packs of tobacco cigarettes. And yet both components are reusable! This makes one of our electronic cigarette kits a fantastic way to begin enjoying the benefits of vaping whilst also saving money.



. Slick design to easily fit your pocket, purse or bags.

. Durable battery and clearomizer to last you for the whole day on the go.

. Easy refilling system, no need for tools when refilling with E-liquid.

. LED light to indicate the charging and usage condition of your battery.


Electronic Cigarette

Rechargeable 1100mAh battery

Long lasting lithium battery with 1100mAh capacity

Refillable 1.5ml clearomizer

A fully refilled clearomizer is equivalent to 3 packs of tobacco cigarettes, easy-to-refill system enables direct dripping from E-liquid bottle. Clear marking indicates the current volume of remaining E-liquid.

Fast E-liquid delivery system

8 cotton strings allow fast delivery of E-liquid into the heating element, so the device is never short of liquid. With our easy inhaling system a light inhalation can activate the device through the plastic drip tip.



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