Why use TRUVAPE electronic cigarettes and e-liquids

Why Use TRUVAPE electronic cigarettes


Advantages of Vaping


A TRUVAPE electronic cigarette causes no smoke, just vapour, so you reap the health benefits compared to regular smoking without causing passive smoking in those around you. E-cigarettes remove the tar, carbon monoxide and smoke released from cigarettes and crucially, with e-cigarettes you can now monitor your nicotine intake in ways traditional cigarettes don’t allow, so you can gradually lower your intake. E-cigarettes allow you to continue experiencing the sensation of smoking while cutting down, and reduce your risk of smoking related illnesses such as mouth, throat and lung cancer. Though the tobacco industry is always looking for ways to reduce smoking risks nothing has come as close as the e-cigarette.


Due to the lack of smoke being produced vaping is completely legal in all establishments including bars, shops, offices and planes, although this is at the discretion of the management on private premises. The vapour is virtually odorless and dissipates quickly so there are no lingering smells or ash and being made from a replaceable cartridge with a rechargeable battery there’s no need to search for an ashtray.


The price of traditional cigarettes is always rising and you can’t buy them individually. Electronic cigarettes allow you to refill the device at your own pace. With TRUVAPE electronic cigarettes you can save up to 80% of how much you’d spend on regular cigarettes. Thanks to vaping you can help preserve the environment through lack of litter, improve your health and improve the health of those around you. In other words, e-cigarettes are better for you, and better for your pocket too!

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